Great photographers and their compact cameras




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Theres a couple more I know of.

Donovan Wyle, who is a Magnum Photographer, uses small compacts.
Donovan Wylie

Gianni Galassi who is a fine art architectural photographer who does great things with a GF1.
(Sorry - Noticed he was mentioned before)

There's also Charlie Waite, renowned UK landscape photographer who has a DVD out on using compacts, called Travelling Light.
YouTube - Charlie Waite 'Travelling Light' Trailer


I apologize if this has already been referenced, but I just checked Peter Peter's "The Subway Pictures"out from the library. As it turns, he gives a nice tribute to small cameras and shot the images for this book with a Nikon Coolpix 880 - often hidden in a bag.


Ian McDiarmid (Getty) and Neil Turner (British Press Photographers Association) used a Canon G11 and a Canon PowerShot S95 to shoot the riots in London, earlier this year.

Quote from the article:
It almost goes without saying that in these days of 24/7 rolling headlines, it's likely that we'll see more and more press photographers turning to compact cameras to get their images in difficult situations, so it will be interesting to see how camera manufacturers respond to increasing demands.
A friend of a friend runs a killer whale safari in Norway, where pros and amateurs dive among the killer whales, and hopefully get good shots.

Killer whales in the North Atlantic eat herrings, never seals, or divers, but in the Pacific things are very different, and not safe to humans. Anyway finding them is always a hit and miss affair, and then getting good shots in the water is even more left to chance.

This particular year there were very seasoned divers aboard, all pros, with the very best equipment you could buy, and an enthusiastic Polish guy, with a compact. Not all of them even got a single shot that week at sea, under rough conditions. The enthusiast came up on deck after his little dip, telling all how he loved this and how good pictures he had taken and the other guys muttered something not suitable for print, but added a 'good for you'. In the evening that night they, who had any killer shots, and then came the Pole with his compact camera, in a home-made UV housing. The glee was shing on many of the others faces when he produced his shot: Eight killer whales in one shot! More than paid for his expensive trip (just the dive part costed around $4,000, not including transport to Norway), as the photo sold very well!

I've seen it, and it sure is amazing, if not quite of superb resolution!

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