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Craig Whittle

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Hi everybody,
My name is Craig I live in Melbourne/Australia, I have been shooting for 2 years now & really enjoy photography.
I had a Canon 450D which I sold 2 months ago, I was starting to want more & more expensive gear until I read a little ebook titled "A Lesser Photographer" I was so taken by that ebook and decided to take a step back and have a fresh start I wanted a camera where I can't buy alot of accessories and be tempted to buy new lenses so I got a Fujifilm x100. I have had it for a month now & I'm enjoying it alot, I am trying to adjust to the 35mm lens I am use to a 70-200mm & 50mm.


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Hello Craig and welcome from Chicagoland USA. I have a 450D and can't seem to part with it, psst.. macro. But I also have a G12 and a few film cameras too. Good to hear you are enjoying your new x100. There are a lot of fans of that camera here. It'll be nice to see what you shoot, be sure to share!


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Hi Craig, welcome aboard from another Aussie. I'm also a former 450D user (it's mainly just a backup cam now) and a recent convert to serious compact cameras. Looking forward to seeing some of your X100 shots - that's a camera I've been eyeing off lately.


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Welcome! That's an interesting experiment you're doing. I used the X100 almost exclusively for about a year, and loved it. Now I'm experimenting a two camera/lens combo with the X100 and a NEX-3 with something in the 50-85mm range (aps-c). We'll see how it turns out. I hope you'll enjoy your X100 as much as I do ;-)


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Craig, thanks so much for your intro and welcome to SC from me here in New York. Please don't hold back on sharing your photographs because that's what this place is pretty much about.

Looking forward to getting to know you and your work.:drinks:

Another Aussie, eh? I think you all may have the corner on the member market.:biggrin:


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G'day Craig and good on ya mate :thumbsup: Big wave from out near the hallowed Capital (Canberra - the worlds most boring city?) of our great nation of Oz.

Welcome aboard the good ship Serious Compacts. A great mob here and a perfect place to share in your adventures with the X100 with photos that both worked.....and didn't. Just beware of GAS dealers, we have a few on here, hold fast my friend or before you know it you'll have the XPro1 3 lens kit and Leica M9 as a back-up :wink:

Another Aussie, eh? I think you all may have the corner on the member market.:biggrin:
Yeeeessss excellleeeent. Our ranks are swelling. Keep them barbies warm and those stubbies cool cobbers. Our day it dawns and our objective nears the horizon! This place will soon be ours. Aussie, Aussie, Aussie....:polling:


Hi Craig, I ended up giving my dslr to my daughter so I have a g12 as well as an eos30 I picked up for pennies and a yashica rangefinder. I find I do more photography now with my compact than I ever did when I had a dslr and have fun using the others. Look forward to seeing your pictures.

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