Greetings from Belgium


Real Name
Hendrik Demey
I'm a member of the Micro Four Thirds forum under the name "zeus1" (dont't ask me why that nickname - it dates from years ago while using modems to communicate on Usenet etc). Somebody mentioned this "lounge", it sounded interesting, I came, lokked, read some things...and joined.
I've been enjoying photography for over 40 years, but became an addict after ditching my Nikon D200 replacing it with an Oly EM5. And now I'm also a glass addict (too many lenses).
My profession: medical doctor specialized in intensive care and internal medicine.
My interests: reading and photography.
My hobbies: raising twin daughters, our dog (a Gordon Setter), photography and post-processing of the images.
Hope to learn something in this Lounge.

Ray Sachs

Not too far from Philly
Real Name
you should be able to figure it out...
Welcome! In my experience, GAS can sometimes play itself out. But you have to indulge it to the extent you're able to until it just gets better on it's own. This approach may not work for everyone!


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