Greetings From Dublin


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Hi everyone. I'm Thomas and I'm a semi professional photographer from Dublin, Ireland. Why semi-pro? My full time job is as a graphic designer and animator but I also do part time work as a photographer. My real passion is Photography and I am to do that more and more. Two years ago I left my full time job as a designer so I could split my time more between design and photography. I love shooting with compacts as well as my SLRs. I originally had a Panasonic LX2 but I recently got a Panasonic GF1 and I absolutely love it. It's one of my favorite all time cameras. I've been reading serious compacts for years and I'm happy to finally join the community!


betwixt and between
Welcome to becoming a registered member, Thomas! I'm looking forward to looking through your portfolio and blog very soon - it's morning here, still, and I need to get back off the computer and get some domestic duties done. Definitely looking forward to your involvement here!:th_salute: