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Naveed Akhtar

Dec 8, 2011
London, UK
Hi everybody

I chose the title Earth, as I love travelling, and travelling everywhere. However because of regional and political constraints we are all tied up with, couldn't travelled much beyond European, South Asian and Middle Eastern boundaries.

My passion of photography and desire to travel complements each other and it also gradually pushed me towards Serious Compact Cameras and naturally to I am quite new to this website, and am surprised how come I never saw this wonderful community fed and Amin & Admins backed serious website.

I have lived happily with some bigger DSLR cameras, being able to share lenses on Nikon system with Fujifilm S5Pro was a great time but before that Canon D300 (the first consumer level DSLR). They all were great cameras, but still not as pocket-able as Micro-fourthirds. Fourthird at that time were smaller bodies but not quite as small, to make me think of switching the Nikon system. But finally I made my move to Panasonic GH1 right after it got released and though it wasn't quite compact with its viewfinder and hand-grip, with 20mm f1.7 prime it always find its room in my coat/ jacket pockets. Well I got E-P1 too, to complement it with shared lens system and few benefits of IBIS in Olympus bodies. I am having my second GH1 as my primary camera and its also fallen and broken from several places, three times. But I love this handy camera so much, that until it won't stop working completely, I think I am not going to replace it with any other existing bodies at-least. Recently I also bought GF3 and Nikon D5100 (to give some life to my Nikon lenses and for its (arguably) slightly better IQ) I found myself never using it on m4/3 bodies. I love its higher ISO results and in some cases slightly better DR, but overall handling, operations and size of GH1 is so compelling that in all my recent trips its mostly the only camera I am heavily depending on and with right skills and a good tripod (small or large) never felt a big reason to pump ISO beyond 1600 and bellow that its always clean enough for my type of photography. M4/3 lens collection got almost every second lens from Pany bank except their 3D lens and the new powered 12-42 and from Oly bank I only got their 9-18mm.

Most of the time I kept another smaller compact to complement my m4/3 system on greater DOF applications and ease of use. LX5 was replaced by Fuji X10 and that itself recently got replaced by XZ-1 and I love the simple handling and honest results from this little machine.

Feel free to contact me if you need any travelling tip to Levant area within Middle-East (Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan), Europe or Indian subcontinent and have a look at my flicker stream for the same purpose (which I just recently started populating, as earlier facebook was good enough to share only within friends and family).


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Nov 12, 2010
Hi Naveed, welcome from the Netherlands! That's a nice list of kit indeed, looking forward to seeing your work! I just had a really quick browse through your flickr account, I like it! The levant is a region I'd definitely love to see once I have the money to travel...


Jul 7, 2010
betwixt and between
Naveed, thank you so much for taking the time to introduce yourself so thoroughly. Although you've been a member for a while, it's great to know more of your background. I look forward to your continued involvement here with all of your cameras.:2thumbs:


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Dec 24, 2010
Brisbane, Australia

I have a GH1 as well although it plays second fiddle to my E-PL1 most of the time. I also loved Syria and Jordan when I travelled there back in 2010, although I'd be very reluctant to go back to Syria as things are right now. I'll make sure to have a look at your travel shots on flickr (India was another favourite place of mine to visit; awesome for photography!).


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Nov 5, 2010
Down Under
G'day Naveed, from the Southern end of this lonely planet.

Great intro mate and looking forward to more images from where ever on this divine Earth you find yourself.:2thumbs:

Naveed Akhtar

Dec 8, 2011
London, UK
Thanks everybody for such a warm welcome. I would deffinately love to contribute more here.

Thanks BBW for suggesting me to the forum, and Lili, Landshark, kyteflyer, bartjeej and bilzmale.
Thanks stillshunter for reminding me of divine mother planet :)
Thanks very much Hauki and Luckypenguine to look and like my flickrstreem.

Hope you all enjoying festival season, atleast as much as I do.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :)

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