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Hi Everyone,

Just registered on Serious Compacts. I've been lurking here for awhile, there is a lot of good information and some incredible pictures; in fact I made my decision about the camera I purchased partly based on high quality reviews on the site.

I decided on an LX5, (after lusting for an X100 for awhile) and after a few months with the camera I am quite pleased with the performance. Over the years, my photography had morphed into carrying the big bag of DSLR gear and only shooting in planned situations which in reality meant less time shooting, so I was looking for something that I could carry all the time and shoot more. I'm loving the feel of freedom this camera provides; and it still gives me all the control I need +RAW.

Cheers, Mike


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Mike, thanks so much for your official intro!:2thumbs: I'm so glad that you de-lurked and want to offer my hearty congratulations upon your choosing the LX5 because it really is a fantastic camera. Here's my second welcome to you but now it's "official"!:drinks:


Another welcome from Scotland. I have a LX5, I love this little camera but don't use it enough. Note to myself ....shove it in your bag and have some fun! Look forward to seeing your pictures. Consider yourself duly encouraged to start entering into our weekly challenge, the more members joining in the nerdier, lol, my predictive text on my iPad just makes words up, I meant merrier! :rolleyes:

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