Fuji Greetings from Hungary!


Mar 6, 2013
I am pretty much like this website! Coming from the dpreview forum which is always have fuji bash peoples around..
Currently I don't own any fuji camera but I had the S602, S5000 long time ago! I am looking to get the X20 in black and coming back to photography!


Feb 1, 2013
Marlow, UK
Welcome to the site. Are you from Budapest, I wonder? If so we can compare pictures of our local bridge if we both buy an X20. I'm hoping to buy a silver model later in the year.



Dec 28, 2011
Melbourne, Australia
Phoenix Gonzales
Hi and welcome

When you do get your X20 please share some photos of Hungary, I want to see images of Hungary apart from the ones I see in post cards and travel shows ;)


Mar 6, 2013
Hey folks!

Nope I am living in a very small town, I often visit Budapest. I am a landscape shooter but I really like the taste of the street photography.. Price of the X20 kinda crazy here over 700$ although I will post pictures once I get it for sure!


Lawrence A.

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Nov 8, 2012
New Mexico
Welcome. There aren't too many Fuji bashers around here, and it's a friendly, helpful site. DPReview is filled with people who seem to get some kind of ego boost from trashing -- just about anything, including fellow forum members. That may pass for hipster cool in some places, but where I come from it's called rude.

You'll find healthy disagreements here, but almost never rudeness.

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