Greetings from New Haven.


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I recently received a birthday greeting from Amin at a site for Contax aficianados. When I tried to thank him I discovered the site was closing but the trail led here. Thanks for the Happy Birthday! I have enjoyed the company of other photographers since being a student at RIT in the 1960s. I look forward to sharing your photos and experiences. I'm just as excited as many of you about Fuji's return to photography. Their newest entry (X Pro 1) looks like it may offer new life for some of my favorite Zeiss lenses.


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ferdhart, another welcome from me and a big thank you for stopping in to introduce yourself! We've got at least on other New Havenite here who I'm sure will stop in to say hello very soon. So glad to have you and happy belated birthday!:drinks:


Welcome! I work at Yale University, so I am in New Haven most days... Glad to see you here and look forward to seeing your work...



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G'day from Down Under. Thanks for the intro and it sounds an interesting history that you bring with you and to the forum. Looking forward to chatting a little more over the coming months and years and seeing some of your work.
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