Greetings from Norway.

Please, allow me to introduce myself, I`m a man of wealth and taste. :whistling: (if you get the reference you are oldish and have good taste in music.)

Getting that of my chest, I am Jens, have been photographing on and off since 1980ish when I bought my first SLR, a Pentax ME Super at the ripe age of 12ish. Did some paid work in due time, both as a camera salesman and as a press/info officer, with some freelancing on the side. Spent the better parts of the 00 and 10s out of the game, primarily using a string of PS to snap JPGs. Bought a Pentax K7 when it came out, due to it being small and light, but ended up with it being bulky and most fitting on a shelf, had a hard look on the Fujis from about 2011 to 15, and ended up in the M43 universe on a friends advice, and have built a decent system around the Lumix offerings since that. Am not a high volume shooter, I tend somewhat to shoot conservatively like in the film days when on my own dime, but I note a tendency to shoot a bit more these days. I may be adopting to digital. Still quite the noob in LR, and have no skills whatsoever in PS, but will try to make some progress in those fields, this year.

Still have most of the film gear around, took one roll last year to check out the Yashica T5, due to its secondhand value and dont think I will be doing much more of film, to be frank. I tend to run the mechanisms on them every once in a while, just to keep them in trim, somewhat, though. I have a basic darkroom in a couple of crates, if the urges should bite me really hard, but working towards an actual Lightroom to do digital "better" than with the laptop on top of my lap.

A mention of this forum on the Mu43 forum is what brought me here, and a quick browse made me join. Glad to have found you and looking forward to participating in the community.

Best regards


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Welcome, Jens.

Your words reminded me of the Pentax ME Super I used to own, and shoot with, a few lifetimes ago. I got mine to complement the two MX's I had, which were among my favorite cameras ever, but something about the AE features of the ME Super was just too beguiling for me to resist. All three are long gone but I have fond memories of them all.

With regards to digital "Lightrooms" - or the entire process of post-processing digital negatives or files, I sometimes can't help thinking of the words of a wise instructor from whom I once took a class in printmaking, aeons ago. His mantra was that the most important tool in a darkroom was....the wastebasket. The idea being that if one is patient, one might eventually get something close to what one hoped for, or envisioned. Which definitely doesn't happen that often for me, not by a long shot. But the process can be....a real adventure, sometimes.

Looking forwards to seeing some of your work.




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Welcome Jens! Your intro made me think for a second I might be getting old, but then you talked about your camera history and I felt young (and inexperienced) again :p

Nice to have you on board, looking forward to seeing your work.


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My closest friend had an ME Super when we were both getting seriously into photography (by which I mean that we were spending a lot of money on it, not that we were any good at it). I was firmly in the Olympus camp at the time, so while the ME Super was clearly a nice camera, it was no OM-2. That's just how things are when you're seventeen years old.

Welcome to the site, and I look forward to your contributions.

Thank you for your kind words, fellas, makes a newbie feel right at home.
Welcome, if you had a Pentax system running at age 12, you’re propapbly ahead of most of us here, certainly me.
There where reasons, both my father and grandfathers dabbed with photograpy. The household cameras was a Olympus OM-1 and a Richo compact with underlever, and there was an meopta enlarger in the house, even though it never came into use in my time, it was some sort of touchstone for my father I think, which he had bought and used in 60s.

In-paternal abode darkroom stuff never advanced above film developing, enlargements and such was done in lent darkrooms if B/W, but primarily it was slides, and Fujichrome at that, it made sense cost wise (somewhat). I blame my tendency to oversaturate on that... :whistling:

My tiny collection of analog gear is some of my own stuff from back then, unfortunately the Pentax was sold off to finance some other stuff, but what came after that I have (OM1N and EOS620 plus a Rollei 35 and a Yashica T3), and the OM system from my father, a SX70 from my paternal grandfather and the Topcon RE Super system from my maternal one.

Unfortunately, my paternal ones Leica IIIA system disappeared, along with his Minox spy camera and the Pentax110 system to other parts of the family when he parked his slippers. He was all about portability and having a camera, so there where much 110 stuff (mostly Brauns) and later a disc camera or two as well. Anyhow, cheers and again, thanks for the warm welcome! :drinks:

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