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I've been lurking here ever since this site reactivated, enjoying all the good photography, scrutinizing all the reviews and reports. I finally ended up getting an LX5 this past weekend. It seems really amazing, but the menus still seem daunting. My digital photography experience and equipment is all circa 2002, Sony f717, and ps from the same era. I am really mystified with Silky Pix and raw processing. I am afraid that the new file size and raw processing will require a new computer.

I bought the camera and a memory card and am wondering what sort of accessories are worthwhile. I would like to set it up in a portable mode to try some more streetshooting, after a lapse of 35 years, but also like to get some kind of pouch to attach to pack straps while mountain biking, shock and dust resistant, and still relatively quick access. Right now I have been carrying it in my pocket wrapped in a baggy, or stuffed in the pack along with the Sony while on the bike.

I've really been inspired by all the b&w photography here, especially the street shots, which I find so hard to summon up the courage to do. Thanks to everyone here from whom I've learned so much already, and to all those future teachers and friends.


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ricks, what a great introduction to read and congratulations on one your new LX5! It is a compact jewel of a camera. I'm sure you've read the threads about it - Don AKA Streetshooters personal review goes into a lot about the hyper focal method he loves for his street work, and I know Ray and several others have discussed this camera's modus operandi, too.

Me, I'm into using the focus size as small as possible. Being a female, I usually have some sort of bag with me but when I'm out walking my dog or hiking...I prefer to travel light. I ended up buying the Leica D-Lux 3 leather case from B&H Photo and love it - I get the best of both worlds that way, too.:D It's very discrete and easy to carry. Don feels his LX5 is just perfect for his Levi's jeans. He has put a screen protector on his, while I just haven't quite gotten around to it yet.:redface:

Very glad you de-lurked and joined us all here, ricks!


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Hello and welcome Ricks. I will also recommend the screen protector - I use Zagg, though there are plenty of other options available.


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Hi.... welcome to the SC site... look forward to seeing your images around the threads...

As to the accessories available.... and which ones are handy...

Viewfinders... LVF1 & VF1


Extension tube... LA6 & Wide converter LWA52

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Lens cap + Cable release


LX5 case... LX3/5 screen protector (GGS)

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Flashes.... FL220 & FL360


I find that in strong sunlight, and other shooting locations the LVF1 suits its purpose well, if you are using filters the extension tube is a must. The Glass screen protector is also great for extra protection, and many of our members swear by it... although, there are cheaper film protectors on the market. Some of our members have lost the original lens caps, and I find the screw on retractable one excellent as it stays on constantly unless I'm using the extension tube. The cable release is handy, but you can just as easily activate the self-timer instead. If you wish to extend the capabilities of the flash then you should choose one of the Lumix models shown (the FL500 (not shown) way too big for the LX5), as other flashes can burn out the hot-shoe terminals and the camera's flash capability on all Lumix models

Hope this helps..... and once again.... Welcome to SC



Welcome its a great little cam the LX5 (I have the LX3) both take amazing quality images.
The LX5 is complicated but it can be setup in many ways
I would stick with all the defaults the jpegs are fined experiment later
Try the iA mode its good for quick shots
Mostly I would use A (aperture mode)


Thanks so much for the kind welcome and the information. It seems like the screen protector is a really good idea. I am also attracted to the screw on lens cap and the vf1 viewfinder. I was wondering if it has the same autogain as the LCD has. I am really getting fooled by the difference on the screen and actual image in terms of brightness. The evf on the Sony seems a lot closer to what you get. I relied on that for the exposure compensation. Do you use the histogram on the LX5? So many questions. Thanks again.