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I have been posting on this forum for a few days - now it is time for a proper introduction.
I am Alex, and I live in the suburbs of Detroit, in SE Michigan. Moved here from Italy several years ago, working in the auto industry.
I am relatively new Fujifilm shooter. Got my first Fuji camera about 2 months ago... an awesome X-T2. I come from shooting with Olympus, Panasonic, and Sony before my transition to micro 4/3.
Let me tell you more about my journey to Fuji...
My first interchangeable lens camera was a Sony NEX-5. Small, light, pretty good results, but as I went through my journey of learning photography, I started to crave a camera with better controls and faster operation. In that department my dear old NEX-5 was just terrible, having to deep dive in the menu for changing things like metering, or focus modes.
So, during a trip back to my old Europe, I ended up in an Olympus exposition in Amsterdam. Fell in love with the controls and responsiveness of the E-M10. As soon as I got back home, I got an E-M1 -which I still own- and several lenses, and sold my Sony kit.
With time, I had the chance to get more m43 cameras to pair with the E-M1. So I had my fun with the smaller GX7 (which I started to hate for the small EVF and noisy shutter), E-M5 Mark II, GF7, GX-8, and PEN-F. Kind of looking for my perfect fit.
And here I am - decided that it was time to give Fuji a shot, and the X-T2 seemed my perfect camera with all the controls easily accessible with no need to get into the menu. In all honesty, I did try an X-T2 briefly in a camera store, and I was not too impressed, but often it is not love at first sight. Sometimes you need to develop a relationship... so I got the X-T2 and decided to give myself time to learn it and master it.
I believe I made the right decision, cause this camera has never let me down since I got it. I am truly enjoying taking it with me everywhere I go. Might not be perfect, but it is certainly the best camera I had the chance to use. Even the lack of image stabilization, which was holding me from jumping on Fuji, is no longer an issue: I learned that I do not need to rely on the stabilization IF I hold the camera properly, and IF I take my time. Quick shots are usually never takers anyway...
So now I have this X-T2, the 18-55 "kit", a 55-200, and three primes that I believe cover my needs - which I learned little by little using my previous cameras: 12mm Samyang, 23mm f/1.4 (my absolute favorite with the 55-200), and the 56mm f/1.2.
I am really happy with what I have, and everytime I go back home from work I really can't wait to grab my camera bag and go out shoot. That never happened before.
Anyway, this is my not so short history.

Now, what do I like to shoot? I am more of a travel photographer - even though the amount of travelling has gone considerably down now that I have a little baby at home. So I am "discovering" nature/landscape photography in our beautiful Michigan. Who knows, maybe someday I will also shoot more street and birds. :)

Below is a link to my 500px page. I am also on Flickr (will post the link later). Friend me there if you like. I really love to share experiences and talk about our common passion for photography.


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