Greetings from Spain!


May 6, 2011
Marbella, Spain
Hi Everyone,

I'm James. Originally from England, but currently living in Andalucia, Spain. I have been taking photos since I was about 9. Fast forward 26 years and I no longer take out of focus photos of carpets and pets, but prefer Landscapes which are in focus. :)

I am currently using a Sony NEX-5 with kit 18-55mm and 16mm. I also have Canon 50mm FD F1.4 and a Canon 28mm FD F2.8 lenses for the NEX.

My current and favourite P&S camera I have owned is the Ricoh GRD III

So, Hello again to all and I'll speak to you in the other forums. :)



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Jan 11, 2011
Houston, Texas
Welcome to the forum Jimmy! Not sure if you are a F-1 fan, but if you are, and if you cheer for either Lewis Hamilton or Jenson Button, is it safe to do so in Spain? :) I'm actually a big Alonso fan, but I occasionally cheer for the McLaren boys now that they are somewhat underdogs (compared to Vettel anyway). Welcome aboard!


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Apr 23, 2011
Hi James! Spain sounds like a good place to take colourful photos. Looking forward to seeing what you post.
I'm NEX-5 as well, I've got the 16mm (which I haven't bonded with) a Vivitar massive zoom scary beast and my favourite, Canon FD 35-70 which is awesome. My other half has the 18-55mm which we sometimes squabble over.
I'm just finding my feet here too, but it's good fun!


Welcome James. This is a terrific forum.

Oh yeah...I love is from Oviedo.


May 6, 2011
Marbella, Spain

Sorry for my late reply! Thank you all for the warm welcome!

@ Armanius - The Spanish are very passionate about all sports, but are very good sports indeed! I have had many a good night with Spanish friends whilst our countries compete in various events. :) I have even been introduced to a new sport here. Padel, which is a cross between tennis and squash. It's a good game, except I could do with being fitter! I do watch F1 every now and then, but never seem to keep up with it. I get all the results from my Dad if I miss it though. I don't think he's missed a Grand Prix in years. :)

@ Heather - The NEX is a good camera. I do find I miss having a viewfinder every now and then, but when I'm taking photos I realise how natural framing via a screen is becoming. Especially having the swivel screen. I like to take a lot of shots from low down and certainly wouldn't be able to get my eye to a viewfinder at that level without causing some pain! :) I have the 18-55mm and the 16mm kit lenses. I like them both, but they are taking a back seat to my Canon 50mm FD F1.4 and Canon 28mm FD F2.8 lenses at the moment. The 28mm is amazingly sharp, especially considering it cost me £20! I just got a ND4 filter for the 50mm, so I can use it wide open in bright sunshine which is great. The new firmware coming for the NEX is supposed to have a great feature for focussing manual focus lenses, so i'm looking forward to that.

@ dixeyk - I went to Oviedo a couple of years ago. I love it in the North of Spain. The countryside is amazing. It's sort of like England with Swiss chalets. That's how I remember it anyway. :) Also, it was in Oviedo I stumbled across the most amazing photo exhibition. I think it was organised by The National Geographic. It was very inspiring to say the least.

@ olli , BBW, Herman, & andrewh973 Thanks for the welcome.

Time to start posting. :)


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