Greetings from Tel Aviv

Izh Ash

My name is Izhar Ashdot and I'm a professional musician, based in Tel Aviv, Israel.
Since buying my Sony NEX-5 eight months ago, I've become obsessed with cinematography and film creation.
I'm a self-learning film student, reading, shooting, editing and enjoying the wealth of information on the web as a result of the DSLR revolution.
I love the guerilla attitude of the DSLR world. I own about ten manual lenses, mostly old Russian M42 mount lenses.
I buy my lights and other accessories on Ebay, and make some of my own gear such as my shoulder mount. Sites such as are a great inspiration.
I'll post links to some of my short films, I hope you'll enjoy them, I'd love to read your comments.


betwixt and between
Real Name
Izhar, I appreciate your taking the time to introduce yourself. Your excitement is catching! :D We have a few more members who I know are into video and film, so this could be a whole new venue.