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Hi everyone,

I'm just getting back into shooting regularly after a 1.5 year hiatus. Having a baby (5 months old now) inspired me to pick up the camera again. I've mostly focused on fine art B&W and have had some stuff published in niche magazines like Sun, but I've also shot weddings and portraits professionally at various times. These days it's almost all baby pictures, because that's about all I have time for. But I'm hoping that will change soon...

My main rig is a 5DII + a few fast primes. While I love the IQ, the size and weight is a deterrent. So I bought a Fujifilm X10 a few days ago and am eagerly awaiting its arrival. Seems like the camera I've been waiting for for many years.

I used to be a regular at FredMiranda in the B&W forum with the handle "badlydrawnboy" - in case there are any FredMiranda folks over here.

Looking forward to sharing and learning with you all.


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Welcome to the forum Switters. And congratulations on your 5 month old!

I'm sure you'll enjoy the X10 tremendously, specially with your professional background. The X10 is definitely an enthusiast/pro's point and shoot.

Looking forward to your contributions to this forum. :)


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switters, welcome aboard from New York and congratulations on your 5 months old baby! I have a feeling the X10 will be excellent for you - including for those photographs of your child. :flowers_2:

If you've got a website and/or a photo hosting account like Flickr, etc., please consider adding the links to your signature line. And I will really be looking forward to seeing some of your photographs here very soon. Very glad you found your way here, switters!


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G'day from Down Under and welcome aboard. Mate the mixture of fine art B+W and a willing model in your new child should make for some very interesting work with the X10. Can't wait to see it more!
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