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Eric Henderson

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Hi, my name is Eric, and I'm new here!

I recently (as in like 18 hours ago) completed the agitating decision between getting an Olympus XZ-1 and a Canon Powershot S100. I ended up going w/ the XZ-1, and have been very pleased so far.

I've been lurking here for the last few weeks, soaking up as much as I could about the XZ-1, Canon S100, and the Fuji X10. In the end, I demo'd a XZ-1 and determined I could make it fit in my pocket all the time :).

I don't have a long history in "enthusiast" photography, whatever that means, as most of my cameras have been cheapie point&shoot's and my iPhone 4.

My main outlet of photograph is a one-picture-per-day photo journal, which is about 2 weeks out from hitting three years of consistent photos, one per day. The feed is here: Flickr: ericonceaday's Photostream

My first "published" photo with the new XZ-1 where it was anything beyond just picking one that looked so-so is here - A Bright Child | Flickr - Photo Sharing! - which is today's picture of the day.

I look forward to learning much more about photography - when you require yourself to upload at least one (and only one) photo per day, you end up w/ the camera in hand quite often.


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Eric, welcome.... Funny post...listen, look at your work for the last 3 years, look at the camera in your hand.... Look in the mirror...
See that guy... He's an enthusiast.


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Eric, welcome and congratulations upon your new camera! I just took a look at your first portrait with the Olympus and think you've done beautifully. Your "model" is darling and the results look great!

I'm glad you've come out of the Internet shadows and appreciate your introduction very much - it makes it just that much easier to get to know you. Check out the FAQ and because it would be great if you'd like to post your photographs directly in the various threads.

Please make yourself at home, Eric!:biggrin:


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G'day Eric. Well you've come the right place - friendly folks and sound advice - sort of sounds like the atmosphere of the Cheers bar.:alcoholic: My only warning is that while you lean on the bar and share war stories over the coming years with the many faces on here that you might find your pockets, then shoulder bag, as well as your signature block, growing in volume with the advances in compact camera technology. Keep that resolve strong my new friend, and it sounds like your PAD assignment has, and will, keep you grounded :thumbsup:
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