Greetings from Vancouver (and mu-43)


Hi folks,

My name is Trevor and I'm a relatively new photography enthusiast..been shooting for around 3-4 years now. Started off with an E-P1, then a G-1, then G-5 with a wide assortment of lenses. Recently I have supplemented my G-5 with the Fuji X-E1. I'm still largely a m43 guy (some of you guys may remember me from Amin's other forum) but I'm increasingly coming here to lurk with a general interest in a variety of systems. No longer all-in on one system myself. I shoot a viarety of things, everything from street to landscapes to general travel shots: Flickr: illvilliaNY's Photostream Maybe I'm still struggling to define a style for myself..

Anyways, looking forward to racking up several hundred posts or so on this site as well. :cool:


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