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Hello folks,

I came across this site from the while doing research on a new camera. I currently have (and will be keeping) my Nikon D90 and a few lenses. However, I am looking to get a compact camera that is capable of shooting RAW and can double at producing decent video.

I had high hopes for the Nikon P7000 (since I'm familiar with Nikon's Capture NX2 software), but eliminated it due to various reviews and user feedback that I've read. The Canon S95 seems too limited in terms of its video recording. So I've narrowed my considerations to the Panasonix LX5, and the Samsung TL-500 and TL-350. Still looking and welcome any constructive input.



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Robert, welcome and thanks so much for taking the time to introduce yourself. It's always interesting to me how people find there way here, too. I hope you'll get the information you're looking for here on those three cameras. I'll be looking forward to how things progress and - more importantly - to seeing your photographs with whichever camera you end up buying.

Glad to have you here, Robert!
Robert, keep all the Nikon glass just in case you decide to go the micro four thirds route. You can use all old and new lenses from all manufacturers with adapters.


Welcome Robert! I'm not a video guy, but I think most of the small-sensor compacts have some limitations regarding video. The S95 is promising with its stereo microphone, but it doesn't zoom and autofocus while recording. The Samsung TL500 has a nice swivel screen but lacks HD video. You might be better off with a micro four-thirds camera, but that would raise the price a bit. Good luck with your search and hopefully someone here with more knowledge of video can help you out.