Ricoh Grey point in some pictures of the Ricoh GRD IV


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Hello everyone,

on the way back from my vacation I saw a grey point in some of my pictures made with the Ricoh GRD IV.
Then, I made some random shots in the hope that at home the "internet" will help me :wink:
I added them, the grey point I talk about is in the upper left of the pictures (first one not).
Anyone knows what the problem is? I cleaned the lens but the problem still occurs.

I know that the pictures are waste, I would delete them anyway. But I want to figure out if something is wrong with my camera because I never had such an issue before.



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That is dust on the sensor. It will show up to best effect when your aperture is stopped down all the way. Set your aperture to it's smallest (f16...maybe, I don;t know the GRD IV) and then shoot a blank white wall. You will then see where the dust is on your sensor. But since it is not an interchangeable lens camera, there is no way for the user to clean the sensor. You may be able to send it in to Ricoh to be cleaned. Otherwise your choices are to shoot wide open or clone out the spots in post production.

btw, dust on the lens never shows up in photos. dust on the sensor will.


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I've no idea if this is safe for the camera, but you could try putting a vacuum cleaner to the lens, and turning the camera on/off a couple of times... maybe someone else here will know whether or not that's a dangerous procedure?


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Just want to share my experience with the Ricoh Service (in Germany):

I sent the camera to the Ricoh Service on 27th September (friday). On monday I got a text message from Ricoh, which stated that the camera is on the way back. It arrived today, which was due my fault: I mixed up the digits of my postal code :rolleyes:
The camera seems to be fine again, no grey points anymore on the pictures! They did a firmware update and cleaned the camera.

To cut a long story short: Great service :)


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That is definitely dust on the sensor. Ive been getting a little worried that i dont have a UV filter like on my first GR which came from the factory with dust in the sensor. I was using this UV filter and it worked great. But when i wanted to remove it i followed their instructions and got rid of the glue rim around the filter which i had to throw the filter away as i cant use it on the new GR that i got as a replacement (i got in touched with them, never heard back not even with a "sorry" or something). But their LCD screen instruction removal worked better and managed to re use it on my new GR. Im currently shooting without the filter and still no dust...knock on wood.

So i do recommend their products not their customer service though.

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