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Reporting Posts

Below each forum post, there is a link to report that post. This should be used only to report spam, abuse, or other rules violations.


Report forum post link
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Mobile View

On a mobile phone, our site should look something like this:



1) Navbar links

2) Link to homepage

3) User CP

4) Conversations (aka PMs/PCs)

5) Alerts

6) Search

7) Quick Navigation Menu

8) Jump to top/bottom of page

9) Frequently used links (Recent Posts, Unread, Mark Read, and Watched Threads)


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If you think someone else may have the same question as you, or that others may benefit someday from seeing the answer, please post your question in the site Help and Feedback subforum.

If you tag me in any forum post (
@Amin Sabet), I will receive an alert and read your post.

For all other questions, comments, suggestions, or concerns, feel free to start a conversation with me.

Hope you are enjoying the site!
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The Gallery is a place for members to host a few albums on Cameraderie independently of the forum threads. Access the Gallery by way of the link in the navigation bar:


Add images to the Gallery using the Add Media button:


Currently the storage limit in the Gallery is 100MB per member. Could be 500 images at 200kb each or 100 images at 1MB each. Images over 1600px max dimension are resized automatically. File size limit for upload is 50MB.
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