guns, spam & the Zombie Apocalypse (or Waiting For Godot, the unreleased gear)


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What good does Spam do; isn't it also "undead"?

hmmm in the case of a zombie apocalypse, I think I'll go for that machinegunnified crossbow that the Mythbusters built a while back (original design by the ancient Greeks). Wooden stakes, range and speed, all in one device :)


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You need a crowd clearer for when there are many, so something that fires a lot of shots, accuracy for the head.. and then you know like Michonnes katana for the slice and dice when they are up close. Agreeing with Kyle on the spam too. Odd post but I like zombie movies so.. :D


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"Shoot, a fella' could have a pretty good weekend in Vegas with all that stuff."


Just about put my cocoa on the keyboard. I watched the movie again last night -- hadn't seen it in maybe 20 years and it holds up very well.
That might well be Slim Pickens best line in a movie ever!


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Gary Ayala
If we're talking baseball, it's gotta be wood. But when it comes to zombie killing, I'll go with aluminum. 'Cause I'm gonna be swinging for the fences and I can't risk splitting my bat :eek:

That's my thinking ... but often where there's Zombies there's Vampires ... a busted wooden bat would go a long way on Vampires.

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