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A break in the weather this morning enabled me to find some decent photographic subject matter to try out my recent purchase of a secondhand GXR and A12 M fitted with a CV21mm lens which equates to a 31.5mm lens on 35mm. As well as manual focus (naturally) I also used the camera in full manual exposure mode. I pitted it against a Leica D-lux typ 109 with the zoom set to the equivalent of 35mm on 35mm and a GX7 fitted with a 15mm f/1.7 which equates with 30mm on 35mm.

The GXR and 21mm CV more than held their own against the other two cameras in terms of sharpness out of the camera and in colour terms I found that to be very acceptable with what I would describe as a slightly more muted palette than the other two cameras which very much suits my eye.

Sadly the DNG files won't open in my favoured DxO PhotoLab software so I had to use Adobe Camera Raw although I note that they also open in AfterShotPro which I have on a Linux machine.

I've converted two images to monochrome.

A fallen tree along the bank of Frogmore Creek and nicely sun bleached Ricoh GXR, A12M and CV21mm lens in a 39mm LTM

The remains of a lime kiln along the banks of Frogmore Creek. There are a total of at least 32 of these around the Kingsbridge Estuary, lime would have been bought in by sailing barge and layered with coal and /or furze (dried gorse), set alight and the entrance blocked up for several days converting the lime into fertiliser for spreading on the nearby fields. Ricoh GXR, A12M and CV21mm lens ina 39mm LTM.


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