Had it with this hospital

Been here since Saturday. Minor heart attack Saturday, another on Sunday, stent placed yesterday, I’m right as rain. They say I’m going home today. They’re right, whether they like it or not.

I'm both truly sorry to hear about this - but truly gladdened by those three words you wrote: "right as rain".
I think most photographers know the old adage about the best camera you have, is the one you have with you, when you need a camera. Well, by extension, the best heart you have also happens to be the one you have with you - and it's really both relieving and encouraging to know that your ticker is still ticking, and that you get to go home.

I'm looking forwards to seeing some new Brownie photos soon. I know your heart is going to give you quite a few more good beats - and I hope that your brownie, or whatever camera comes to hand, will give you - and us - a few more of your images!

Sending you the best from Oregon
Had an appointment with my primary care physician today. Confirmed heart is perfect, no issues. Other than the maintenance meds there are no restrictions, I could run a marathon tomorrow if I wanted. (not entirely true, I couldn't run one to begin with! :laugh1: ) but my heart would be fine if I did. Going to take the rest of the week before going back to work.
Wanted to add, I'm having a ball with this when I'm out and about.

"Hello, how are you today?"

"Not bad considering I had two heart attacks over the weekend and a stent installed on Monday."

Typical response:
:eek: 😮 "And you're OUT WALKING AROUND?!!!!

While walking through the supermarket during early Covid I got a kick out of people's reactions when I would cough. They'd give me a death stare or display a look of horror until I told them "Don't worry, it's just a leftover cough from lung cancer and ongoing emphysemia." They then would all seem so relieved.
Cross posted from and earlier thread...

"Last winter (2022) while on vacation in the USVI, I had what I thought was gastro-intestinal heart burn. Local walk-in clinic ran an EKG that hinted at something worse. After a water ambulance ride to a larger island with a hospital, further EKG indicated heart artery blockage. Air ambulance to Jackson Hospital Miami where a catheter determined a 99% blockage and a stent was placed in it. Feeling just fine now mostly back to what was normal. As with you, no previous alarming, identifiable symptoms, although a checkered family history. My diet, I thought, was fairly heart-healthy, and I exercised regularly. Ya just never know."

Jackson was a pretty good experience, although quite crowded - I spent more than a bit of time in the hallways. I, too, was told that it was identified and treated quickly enough to avoid muscle damage. I was released from the hospital two days after the stent insertion. I'm in my mid seventies, 18 months later I'm continuing to feel fine, lipid tests look great, but still on 5 daily pills. Cardiologist expects that could be reduced in another year. Good luck with your recovery!

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