Sony Hands on with the Sony A7R Mark IV and the 600mm f/6 G-Master


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While I was in the camera store yesterday, the Sony reps were there and brought with them some of the new A7R Mark IV.

My impressions (camera body):
  • The camera body is still not for me. The grip of the camera just doesn't feel good in my hands..
  • The physical controls are decent. Some tweaks were made and I could get to the front and rear dials no problem.
  • Still the same Sony menus that I don't gert along with.
  • The AF was great, performed well for my limited time I had to play with it.
  • The body is blocky and actually I find it quite ugly. It looks like they took a solid block of plastic and just kinds half heartedly chopped off a bit of the edges, slapped a grip on it and threw in some buttons. Again, just not for me.
  • The AF seemed a bit sluggish to me - I was using the Sony 200-600 and the 600/4 indoors, though. It was a bit on the slow side, but it was very confident when it locked on.
  • IQ on the camera was good. I didn't get a lot of trigger time, but what I saw looked promising. I still like the processing and color signature from Nikon and Fuji better. Personal preference choice on my part.
My impressions (Sony 600mm f/4 OIS)
  • How the hell can this thing be so big, yet weigh so little? The Sony guys and I laughed when I about threw the A7 IV and the 600/4 up into the ceiling. I thought for sure that the thing would be 15-20 pounds. I could hand hold that 600/4 all day without issue. Kudos to Sony for figuring that out. Now I want to lust after that 600mm lens and the E mount to Nikon Z mount AF adapter. I'll be lusting for a long time as I cannot justify the cost of the Sony 600mm. But damn is it nice.
  • The AF and sharpness for its size are also amazing.
  • The lens hood on it is like the size of a 5 quart ice cream pail. The smart thing Sony did though was they made the end of the lens hood rubberized to absorb impact.

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