Leica Happy 10th Birthday to the Leica M9.

10 Years ago today marked the launch of the Leica M9.


Feel free to share pictures, new or old.


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These texts are older but I enjoy them, and now they're as current as ever!

Overgaard: "The Leica M9 has become the digital classic."

KJ Vogelius: "The Leica M9 in 2018 – Still my favorite digital camera"



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I do love this camera. I know it's too subjective to say that it's images are 'better' but they are distinct in a film-like way, cannot be copied with simulation software and next to no PP is required. Perfect weight, so image stabilisation isn't really an issue. Feels like a film camera in operation, I even like that shutter sound that most people seemingly don't. You look forward to taking images with it.
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A variety of photos as a Happy 10th. Birthday tribute to the M9. I only owned mine for 18 months as I had an opportunity to purchase an M10 for a good price. I have kept my M9 Monochrom, which I enjoy, given I'm leaning more and more back to B/W photography these days. I do appreciate the Live View and Visoflex EVF feature of the M10. It is really useful when shooting with longer focal length Jupiter lenses such as the J-9 85mm/f2
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I bought the M8 in Jan 2010, M9 in early 2011, and M Monochrom in Dec 2012. I picked up a Nikon Df in Nov 2013, first day they hit the local camera shop. When these can no longer be repaired, I'll consider options. The M9 and M Monochrom both have the new sensors in them.
It's nice to know Leica is selling refurbished M9's. This will be the last of the CCD based cameras outside of the technical field.

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