Happy Holidays from So Cal


Newbie here and to the x100. Picked it up about three weeks ago and so far I love it! My D300 is feeling left out. (And is for sale). It it's definitely quirky, but when you nail a shot, it's awesome!
Having trouble posting pics. Can someone offer some help? Thanks and greetings!


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Thanks and welcome from the Netherlands!
I don't use the forum gallery, so I can't really help you with that, but if you host your photos elsewhere (like on flickr), right-click on the image -> properties -> copy the image location url -> paste it inbetween "
" brackets (you can click on the Insert Image button above the typing box, and the brackets will appear automatically).


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Welcome to the forum! The X100 is an awesome camera indeed!

To post photos, you can do it in a number of ways (that I am aware of)

(1) Click the "gallery" tab on top of this page. You should see an "upload photos" link to the top right. Once you've uploaded a photo and you click on the photo, there are two links towards the bottom of the page: one says "linked thumbnail" and the other one says "linked image." Copy the link (whichever you prefer) and then insert on the body of whatever message you are composing.

(2) If you have a Flickr account, go the photo you want to post, click on the pull down link that says "share", and then copy the link under the "grab the html/bbcode" option. The paste that link to the message you are composing.

Hope that helps! Looking forward to seeing your photos!


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Howdy and welcome from me, here in New York, winginkris!

You've already gotten some helpful advice, however I'll also direct you to our Site Information where there is a great deal of helpful and important information. Check out the second "sticky" thread for how to post your photos in the forums. Glad to have you aboard!

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