Has anyone had experience with the HS50EXR?


Newcastle, Australia
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Thanks for the P500 feedback. I think the 510 was somwwhat upgraded, at least, but not sure how much.

I've considered the Nikon 1, and you can get some nice reach with legacy lenses, but I really want to keep this simple with either a lens for my m4/3s kit or a superzoom.

If you already have MFT, I'd say save your money and get a good long lens for that, TBH. Is going to wipe the floor with any superzoom you can buy, and lets face it, better IQ, and better for cropping if you cant get really close to what you want.

All that said, I am still in the market for a "good" superzoom. I keep hoping Fuji will release a newer XS version so the price on the current will drop. I can dream, I suppose... its just that its now well overpriced for what it is :( Then theres the FZ200 with the constant f/2.8...

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