Have PSE18 to open after export from DxOPL5


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I use DxO PL5 to process my files to jpeg. I am wondering if it is possible to have PSE 18 open after the files are exported?

I use DXO PL5 to open Photoshop Elements 2021 after editing so would assume it does the same with 2018. You will need to select "Export to Application" and then browse your hard drive to select the program you want to use. You only have to do this once. Then when you've finished editing with DXO and "Export to Application" it saves the image with a "DXO" suffix then opens the file in Elements.
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Sorry I did not explain properly. Yes, I do that, and the files open, but then promptly close again, and I have to open PSE18 and open the files. Then they stay open and I edit them. I was hoping that once they exported PSE18 would stay open.
Sorry for late reply ....

I agree it must be a memory issue. I've been doing a few extra shifts, so am thinking of buying a more powerful laptop.

I can have both open at the same time, ....