Health Matters

Current thinking is that raw milk, butter, and cheese are all actually good for you (well, for most people that is).
Exactly. Specifically, my Doctor both approves of and recommends that I eat a lot of dairy produce to help with my osteoporosis.

I need to eat a lot of full cream ice cream to assist with the problems associated with not having a colon. Also extra cheese and extra calcium plus vitamin D supplements every day.

My arteries are in excellent condition, but my skeleton is not ...

The first question my Doctor asked when I mentioned that I was losing weight was "Is that deliberate, John?". I said "Yes, I am trying to get back to the weight I was in my mid twenties". He was OK with that.

I've now lost over 8 kgs, and have been stable for over a month, at approximately my weight when I was 26 y.o., which was 11.5 stone, or 73 kilos. I intend to try to lose another kilo, taking me down to 75 kgs.

I really advise people to talk to their Doctor before engaging in the "diet of the month". Any major changes to one's diet needs to take one's own specific dietary requirements into account.

If you are more than about 10% overweight, you should probably talk to a dietician as well.

Fad diets are usually very bad for your body, and also usually unsuccessful in the long term.
Let's drill down further. It's butter really isn't it. One of the top top ingredients there is and there's no way I'm ever going to stop consuming that at any time. My policy is to enjoy it in (that dreaded word) moderation. Seems to be working for me at the moment. Psychologically I manage to deal with it by knowing I'm having some each day at least once, so I enjoy it when I have it. No bingeing.
For me, nothing to do with butter. My keto diet would let me eat that by the stick. It’s the carbs that are my weakness. Although I agree with the overall sentiment…everything in moderation.