Helios-103 and Menopta 53/1.8, Contax Mount, adapted to Nikon S-Mount

The Helios-103 and "rebranded" Menopta 53/1.8 are based on the Zeiss Biotar Double-Gauss formula, 6 elements in 4 groups. The lens is made for the internal mount of the Contax and Kiev camera. With a slight modification, it can be used on a Nikon S-Mount Rangefinder camera. On the latter- it is an inexpensive alternative to the much more expensive Olympic and Millennium Nikkor 50/1.4 for a PLanar formula lens.


For the Nikon- simply loosen the two set screws that hold the optics module into the bayonet mount, unscrew 1/2 turn, and tighten the screws. The 0.5mm stand-off is enough to use the lens across range on the Nikon- assuming the RF calibration is correct.


Wide-Open and close-up on the Nikon S2.
This lens can be used on a Mirrorless camera with the correct adapter, such as the one Amedeo makes. The Contax and Nikon normal lenses do not have a helical, the camera body has it. To use on other cameras, the adapter must have a way to focus this lens.


At F4.

Also F4, full-image and detail.
The Helios-103 is not expensive- about $20. Using it on a Nikon gives a good alternative to Sonnar formula lenses at a low price. The modification requires a flat-head jeweler's screwdriver. Using it on a Mirrorless camera, a bit more expensive- but one adapter allows use of many different lenses, such as the Jupiter-8 and Jupiter-3 made on Contax/Kiev mount. Zeiss Contax and Nikon S-Mount lenses can also be used with these adapters. The latter are much less expensive than buying in 39mm screw mount.


This an other one with the Helios-103

On amerdeo adapter and once you have the adapter then this 'extension' is a very good investment.

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