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Hello everyone, new to compact cameras, used to shoot DSLR's with heavy lenses but my arthritis has caught up with me so I thought I was giving up as a serious amateur when I gave my DSLR gear away to my niece who is just starting college. Then I happened to run into an old friend who just happened to be carrying an Olympus XZ-1. I borrowed his camera (he has others in his gear bag) and in a couple of days I was having fun again and my joints weren't killing after a few hours! I ended up getting my own XZ-1 which I've been using for the last year and still enjoying this tiny little gem of a camera.
As an amateur I've been used to some very adaptable gear from my first Nikormat 35mm film camera up to an including my D90 digital camera and the options that it provided I began missing a little. Not all of the options but a few I'd like to have again. So I've been looking around and reading forums like this and just so happened to run across an Olympus E-PL2 with a VF-2 and Olympus M. Zuiko 9-18 zoom lens for sale locally. I snatched this little package because I love the feel of the E-PL2 in my hands and love the quality images it captures, I love the VF-2 (it also works on the XZ-1) and I am a wide angle lover so the 9-18 zoom is like a normal zoom to me. Besides the XZ-1 has a fantastic lens for moderate wide angle to short telephoto.
I'm a very happy camper right now and look forward to learning from you guys/gals! Who knows I may end up with a nice telephoto for the E-PL2, I've already found an adapter which takes my AI Micro Nikkor that the E-PL2 seems to work great with.
Hope you all have a great weekend!


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Bobby, congratulations on finding yourself the proud owner of those two Olympus cameras and finding your way to Serious Compacts!:biggrin:

Definitely share some of your photos - we've got an image forum with existing threads of all kinds, or you can start your own thread.:thumbsup:


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Hi Bobby, welcome to SC!
Congrats on your two very nice cameras, I'm a wide angle fan myself too, I'd love to have something like the 9-18mm one day. Love your comment about it being a normal zoom to you, I know what you mean!

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