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I am a recent member of this site and of mu-43. I am also a recent purchaser of a micro 4/3 camera (a Panasonic G1 with 14-45mm) which I am just begining to learn. I expect to do a lot of "lens hacking" with this little EVIL, as it is almost perfect for that application. I have done some similar experiments in the original 4/3 format using an Olympus e-520. (See: Four Third Adaptors.pdf.) I will also enjoy using this small and light camera (with its kit zoom lens to) at antique car shows where I drool over the things I can't bring home to my garage.

I am a semi-retired mechanical and electronics engineer. While I no longer design, I continue to work at my "hobby job", writing articles and editing for a technical magazine, (Sound & Vibration). I have been an amature photographer for over 50 years and I still enjoy its challanges and changes. My first SLR used 3 1/4 by 4 1/4 inch cut film - it was my favorite camera during college (and is a little younger than me) - I still own it and it still functions! My basement darkroom hasn't seen much use since I started 'playing' with digital cameras.

This is clearly a good place to learn about the "new stuff" of photography from friendly people who share nicely! I would like to suggest that having a simple means to post PDF files would allow many of us to make better contributions to that process.

With best regards,

George Fox Lang (docfox)
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