Hello from Across the Hall

Warren T.

San Francisco
Well, actually from San Francisco by way of Mu-43.com. :D

I recently registered here after being on Mu-43 for over a year. And the reason that I started over there is because I got into Mu-43 gear about a year ago (last March). I have been in photography for 35+ years and I've used many different kinds of cameras. I am currently considering something along the lines of a LX5 or XZ1, or maybe even an X100. I believe there will be some very interesting gear coming out in the near future, so I'm keeping an eye on new developments for the time being. I have plenty of other gear to use while I mull over my decision on the next digital compact purchase so I am not in a hurry.

I will also be a contributing author to the front page blog here (Thanks Amin! :smile:)

So stay tuned as I get into the swing of things around here.



Administrator Emeritus
Philly, Pa
Hey Warren,
Fancy meeting you here. Actually I've been waiting for ya and the coffee's hot.
If ya need me, I'm at your service...
Shooter... Don ... Whatever