Hello from Australia!


hi all, and thanks BBW for the invitation!

i've shot a variety of events as both a hobbyist and commercial photographer, and have used lots of gear from the dinky little point&shoots to full-blown professional SLRs with lenses longer than i cared to measure.

outside of contract work i've been trying to find the ideal camera for everyday photography, something that can perform well and react instantly to those unplanned surprises that life likes to throw that at you. i thought that search was over, until recently.

traditionally i've always been behind the camera at events where cameras are expected - but i'm trying to learn the intricacies of the deep end, and capture the raw reality of our world by tackling street photography head-on. hopefully without getting myself into trouble :)

look forward to sharing lots of journeys with everyone!


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chylld, many thanks for joining us here from "across the hall" AKA Mu43! I'm looking forward to your involvement here and seeing what you do with your soon to be new camera, as well.:drinks:


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G'day an'uva Aussie here! Originally from Sydney - so it will always be home. Currently living rural outside, and working in, our nation's capital....please don't hold it against me :blush:

Great place this forum, friendly folks and a relaxed atmosphere. So I hope you enjoy as much as I do. Looking forward to seeing your work. Your timing is auspicious as we're just kicking off the inaugural 5 Day Challenge, so might be a great chance to see a little of how you look at the world :)

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