Hello From Brooklyn


Hi Everyone, I'm excited to have joined this site. I'm a micro four thirds user (GF1) who's looking for a serious point and shoot and will open a new thread on the subject soon. Please feel free to leave your thoughts as I'm very curious what all of you think.




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Hello and welcome Sam. You'll find friendly advice on just about all of the serious P&S cams on here. I'm sure we have users for all of them. I'll raise a cheer for the LX3/LX5 but do post your specific questions on your new thread and we'll advise as well as we can.


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Philly, Pa
Welcome from Philly Sam.
Now don't pay any attention to anything I say....

The LX5 is a great camera. Sam, it's like this Sam.
I wanted a combo like the GF1 and the LX5....
I had it Sam, I had it....but then these guys and gals around here and that other site with that nutty admin, well they started talking about this Fuji X100 thing.
So Sam, I fell off the wagon and sold the LX5.

Sam, I then realized that If'n I gotz the X100 I would still need a zoomie or interchangeable lens camera.
So Sam, I sold that there GF1 and gotz the Nex 5.
Waiting on the Fuji now.....

Other Nexians here are that BB woman, Olli, Pete, Andy to name a few....

Anyway Sam, as I stated, don't listen to a word I say...

The LX5 will turn ya on ...
Dazed and confused.... Shooter


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Sam, thanks for stopping in here for your official introduction - and I hope you'll enjoy yourself here with our small but growing band of brothers and sisters!:flowers_2:

I'm laughing with Streetshooter AKA Don, not at him mind you. I can't help but think about that old favorite by Crosby Stills Nash & Young "Love the One Your With".:D