Hello from Caguas, Puerto Rico


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Caguas, Puerto Rico
Hello everybody. I joined the forum about a week ago, and had yet to post anything. I figured I would start with a brief introduction. My name is Antonio J. Ramirez, and while I am new here, I have been posting over at mu-43.com since January. My passions in life (besides my family) are photography and music performance, but the practice of corporate law is what pays the bills (and for the cameras, guitars, etc.).

After years of lugging a Canon EOS system, I have found great joy in the Olympus E-P1. I still use my Canon gear when the occasion calls for it, but as of lately, the occasion has not been calling too often.

I have enjoyed the comraderie over at mu-43.com and this site seems to have a similar feel to it. I look forward to contributing as best as I can.

Best regards,

Hi Antonio, good to see you here! I'm so happy to see so many of my favorite members of both Mu-43 and the old S.C. readership/Flickr group trickling in. We're onto something good here.