Hello from Chicago


Hello forum!

I'm Ollie from Chicago.
A bit of on my passion for photography: my first love was the fixed lens lomo, then to my beloved Nikon D80, and most recently a Mamiya 645 Pro TL. I know I'm a bit late the to MF game (my wallet feels it), but it's been such a pleasure to shoot with.

Currently in the process of deciding what camera to bring on a 2-month trip through Europe and North Africa. Would love to leave the D80 at home...hence all your expertise to help me decide on what ;)
Would love your thoughts, join the conversation: https://www.photographerslounge.org/f98/open-monologue-rant-question-7778/#post70665

Wasn't quite sure where to post a broad question like that, but given I'm leaning toward fuji-land I figure it would be appropriate there.

Thanks for having me,



Minnesota USA
Real Name
Kyle Krug
Welcome from Minnesota, Ollie! A fun time to be looking at compact fixed and system cameras right now... lots of good stuff to choose from. Best of luck!

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