Hello from Denmark


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My first digital camera was a Canon Powershot G3 (my first 'real' camera was a Pentax ME Super), which I since upgraded to a G9. While I these days do most of my 'serious' shooting with a Pentax K-x with some of the wonderful Limited lenses, I usually carry the G9 with me in a (jacket) pocket.

I'm contemplating changing my pocket camera to a S95, but will certainly hold on to the G9, as I use it in my Gigapan Imager (beta model), not to mention all the possibilities when combined with CHDK. I hope to explore time lapses over the winter.

I have been mainly interested in landscapes and architecture, but one of my ambitions with a small carry-around camera is to appreciate the city-scape more, as it is after all where I spend most of my time. I also seek to become more serious with composition - in this regard, I find Michael Freeman's The Photographer's Eye very inspirational.

I'm on Flickr and Gigapan.

Niels Olof​
Niels, welcome to Serious Compacts! Thank you for taking the time to introduce yourself. I'm not familiar with the book of that title by Michael Freeman but will look into it. However, there is another superb book by the same title "The Photographer's Eye" by John Szarkowski - that's the one I thought you were referring to.;)

Very glad to have you here, Niels and I look forward to seeing some of your photographs soon. We've got quite a few Canon S95 shooters here, if you have any questions.
Hello Niels and welcome. I will enthusiastically second your recommendation of the Freeman book - it is one of the very few photography books I felt I had to have. He has just released a new book called The Photographers Mind which picks up where The Photographers Eye left off in the final section on Intent. This one is on my Christmas list.