Hello from Devon, UK


Devon, UK

I have lurked here for a while and finally decided to join in - it seems such a friendly community. I am based in Devon UK and most of my photos are taken locally, including Cornwall as we holiday there regularly. I shoot landscapes and scenes etc, anything that doesn't move very fast!

I have been taking photos (on and off) for years and have moved through an embarassingly large set of cameras over the years including film based Pentax K1000 and Mamiya 7 to digital Minolta Dimage 7, Sony R1, Panny G1 and Pentax K5.

When the Fuji X100 was announced I thought 'oh yes another souped up expensive piece of glamour cam' that I could ill afford let alone justify. Initial reviews, test shots, etc were compelling though and once I accidentally found myself holding one in a local camera store that was it. That was May this year. The K5 has hardly come out since then and I don't think the G1 has at all.

I think I want to say that the X100 is the best camera I have ever had - I love it. I do not find the fixed lens limiting, in fact it is quite liberating. It saves me precious time and money too because there is no LBA to be had with it! The images are clear, have great colours and are usually in focus and plenty sharp enough. It is the first time I have trusted an auto-ISO facility on a camera too. I have always been a RAW shooter but with the X100 find that the JPGs are often as good, if not better. Fuji seem to know what they are doing here so why not trust the camera if it gets it right? I still usually go for RAW+Fine though, for now ...

Enough rambling from me, I think I have probably overdone the welcome bit! I hope to be able to contribute more here and am certainly looking forward to seeing all your X100 and other shots too.



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Lee, your introduction is not overdone at all, in fact it's the opposite. I know I'm not alone in saying how helpful it is to get to know new members by their initial introduction. We're a broad community from across the world, and I think it helps to know where we each hail from - if people are comfortable sharing. Your photographic path is certainly well traveled and I'm glad you found your way here to SC! I'm also rather biased towards the X100, myself.:biggrin:

Looking forward to your involvement across the forums, Lee!:drinks:


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Welcome aboard Lee! I think we may have crossed paths on that other forum ... I haven't been there for a while ... and I forget the name ... GetDPI ... I think.

It was on the Pentax subforum for the most part, if I remember correctly. Welcome aboard!!!

Yeah, my K5 has been gathering dust for a while too ... :(
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