Hello from Florida


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Blue, welcome aboard and thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself. I'd like to extend an invitation to your wife to become involved here, as well, if she's interested.:flowers_2:

I'll be looking forward to seeing some of your photographs soon. Here is a handy how to, found in the Site Information forum: https://www.photographerslounge.org/f17/how-post-images-forum-threads-45/ :D

Thanks for the link, and thanks to everyone to the hello. I also thank Javier for pointing out this site to me. I have been looking for a good compact site equivalent to the dSLR site and the vintage site I hang out on. I'll tell Mrs. Blue about the site.


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Thanks Blue and please let Mrs. Blue know that there are quite a few other women photographers here, myself being one of them. I'm also really glad that Javier told you about the site - thank you Javier!:2thumbs: