Film Hello from Leamington Spa, UK!


Apr 4, 2014
Hi all - so, I've picked up an OM-1 and a couple of lenses (50mm and 28mm) and am giving film photography a reprise. I started photography way back in 1973 with a Practika L which I later replaced with a Pentax Spotmatic II. However, I always wanted an OM-1 - and now I've got one!

I think I'll shoot monochrome (HP5 probably), develop the negs myself and then scan them for digital workflow thereafter. I can't see me getting back into a full darkroom and printing (and using a lab sounds too much hassle and cost).

Anyhow - hello to you all and I look forward to reading and posting!


Dec 26, 2013
That's a nice camera Paul, for me it was the toss of a coin between Pentax and Olympus, it landed on Pentax. In those days I had to rely on magazine articles to draw comparison, Tim Burners-Lee hadn't invented the Internet, sadly.
Today I went to the Walker Art Gallary (are yer dancin!); it was wonderful to revisit the work of Tony Ray-Jones, seeing the images captured with 35mm. Sadly he died prematurely from an aggressive form of Lukemia at the tender age of 30 (Google his work if you have a minute).
Format or medium counts for nothing if the person behind the lens doesn't have a clue about composition. In your case Paul, your own work, which is available on the web to view, proudly speaks for itself.

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