Hello from Melbourne, Australia

Hi there everyone!

My name is Justin and I have recently been introduced this great site by Stillshunter.

I used to be obsessed with my DSLR, until I started flying interstate every fortnight and unable to take my camera each time. So I purchased a GF1 with a 20mm lens, which started my love of street photography. I recently sold that and purchased my Fuji x100 which has caused much jealousy from my Canon 40D as the x100 has been my camera of choice lately.

I have so much to learn still, and this site has already provided a source of inspiration and knowledge. Particularly with the dedicated x100 section which I see myself staying in a fair bit.

So hello everyone!!


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Justin, thanks so much for taking the time to introduce yourself and for letting us know how you found your way here! Good for Stillshunter!

Congratulations on your Fuji X100 and welcome to you from up here in New York!:drinks:
Welcome Justin, from another Victorian. I came over here through mu43. I bought an LX3 off ebay, and it lives permanently in my car. My other gear is all mu43. A G1, GF1, 20mm, 14-45mm and 45-200mm. Oh and some Canon FD lenses, left over from my pro days. Just about to go OS and will always have my LX3 in my pocket.


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Glad you could make your way over mate. I'm sure the folks here will live up to all the expectations I set up of them. Honestly, they're - no "we're" - a great little group....and even genuinely honest and frank when we need to be :friends:

Hope to mingle with you here for the many years to come.

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