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I've joined Serious Compacts because I am in the process of transitioning from a DSLR biased approach towards compacts. This move has been catalysed by the Fuji X 100 and then more recently the Sigma DP2M. I've had a Ricoh GRD3 for a long time and then last year got a Powershot G1X, however these cameras were only ever adjuncts to my FF DSLR's. As I travel a lot ( my time is divided principally between Mumbai and the south of France, although I do visit the UK once a month or so) I have grown rather tired of the hassle of carting a big bag of bodies and lenses plus a tripod around and have recently taken the bold step of undertaking a trip to France without (gasp) a DSLR. What a revelation! With my X100, G1X and DP2M I'm pretty well covered and they all fit nicely in a bag that is too small for a FF DSLR body and Lens. Will I finally sell my DSLR stuff? I'm still deciding but it;s certainly gathering dust at the moment....


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France and Dubai - hope to see some of your photos from those regions. Welcome!

Mumbai, mate, not the Gulf State

I met a dentist from Mumbai last week in South Africa "on safari" - very nice guy - he was a vegetarian, so he reckoned that the Lions would not eat him - we are pretty close, (to the Lions that is - not him and me - he was on the back seat, we were at the front!)

before you ask - no it's not a joke

he was with his parents and sister - his sister lives in Ealing and works at the Institute of Art and Indian Culture in London


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Hi Chris, welcome to the team! I'm *hoping* to get back to India later this year, but it's likely to be Rajasthan. Really looking forward to seeing your photos, get a few up for us to see what you've been up to,
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