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George Saad

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George Saad
I joined this forum in anticipation of becoming a Fuji owner! and it's very exciting to be one especially NOW!
Fuji is breaking grounds and shaking the big two in unprecedented way and I think it's about time :)
Ditched my Canon 5D MARKII yesterday for a fair price and placed an order for an X-E1 along with the 14mm 2,8f and it should arrive tomorrow and my heart is fluttering as never before, I have a HOT date with a beautiful new LOVE!
Nice meeting everyone here, looking forward to read and share our thrilling experiences :)
Some of my work can be found on my here


Cleveland, Ohio
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I'm a UD grad actually so I'm somewhat familiar with the Kettering area.

I can't wait to see what you can do with the XE-1 and 14mm. Your photographs are nothing short of breathtaking!


betwixt and between
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Welcome aboard, George! The two photos on your Facebook's front page are beauties so I can't wait to see what you bring to us with your soon to be new Fuji.:cool:

I went to college in Ohio in Athens at Ohio University. So I'm kind of from Ohio...sort of.:thumbsup:

entropic remnants

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John Griggs
Hi George! I'm in the neighboring state to the east, PA. Although I'm in eastern PA so I'm not exactly a neighbor, lol.

Slowly sidling into the Fuji system after obtaining an X100 and loving it. I just picked up an X-E1 and the 18-55mm and I'm selling one of my Panasonic bodies and my 12-35mm. I can't believe I'm getting an APS-C camera but they are quite small. I don't care about sensor size, but I love the sharpness for my large prints. I exhibit my urbex work at up to 24x36" and the sharpness of the X-trans can only be an enhancement.

I came from Nikon DSLR and before that Ricoh film SLR gear. I'm not a young photographer, lol.



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Hi, I'm from Ohio also. I just bought me an x100s and I too am amazed by the quality of the images... Says a lot since most of my Nikon gear are prime lenses and a d800. I am now lusting for an x pro1.... Anyone wanna get rid of theirs? Lol

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