Hello from Panasonic


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I just received this as a PM, but I think it was meant as a hello to the forum:

Panasonic said:
Hello Serious Compacts and all camera enthusiasts.

We at Panasonic are striving to build relationships within the photography community online to better represent our company and help our users get the best out of their cameras. We have been pushing forward our efforts within Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, etc.) and we have received a lot of feedback suggesting we dip our toes in forums.

So here we are! We want to chat, get to know you, and most of all help you with any Panasonic-related questions. If you're not already a Panasonic LUMIX owner and are interested, also feel free to reach out.

You can reach us through Panasonic.com and our customer support page or get more personalized messages by joining our Facebook page (Lumix | Facebook) Flickr page (Flickr: Panasonic Lumix Lovers) and/or Twitter page (Panasonic (PanasonicDirect) on Twitter).

Hope you have a great day!

- The Panasonic Team :)

Alana Taylor

Social Media Editor | Web & Internet Design
Panasonic Corporation of North America

Email: Alana.Taylor@us.panasonic.com
The Panasonic Team...
- Curious if we can ask them questions and get proper answers to clear up our minds
- Don't get me wrong, potentially/probably it is even good for us if they don't tell us everything we would like to know

Personally I would like to see confirmation on the rumor of the build-in & tilt-able EVF with the introduction of the GF2 (including timing / pricing).
- Nobody here wants to know if/when Pentax and or Tamron/Sigma will join the m43 line? (I guess we will have to wait until such companies decide to communicate such things themselves)
Well, if Panasonic wants to participate, and we're going to start asking questions... Where is the 14mm prime lens promised so long ago??? The 20/1.7 lens is the best m4/3 lens, hope that 14mm is at least as good! But, dang, please put it into production - sometime soon ;)