Hello from Poland


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Dec 10, 2011
Lublin, Poland
Hello everybody,

I had been watching your discussions for a while before I decided to register. Must admit I was mainly attracted by Ricoh threads. This is a very rare, nische camera brand where I live with extremely low market penetration. This will be soon changed with my purchase though.




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Jan 11, 2011
Houston, Texas
Welcome Erden! Greetings from Houston, Texas. We do have quite a few faithful Ricoh users in the forum. All the chatter about Ricoh cameras have really gotten me curious about the GXR. Haven't quite gotten to procuring one yet. But I will likely do so in the future.

Look forward to seeing your photos!


Jul 7, 2010
betwixt and between
Welcome, Erden. Please keep us posted upon the arrival of your new camera. As Armando said, there are quite a few Richophiles here and I'm sure you'll find yourself at home.


Dec 8, 2011
Cotswolds, UK
Congratulations on discovering and joining this site.

I still have an original GRD at home and it produced some amazing images - have to admit to not using it much at all now and having moved on to larger format sensors.

Great cameras with incredible lenses though!


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Nov 5, 2010
Down Under
G'day from Down Under Erden. You picked the right camera and the right place to talk and test it out. We've had a few GRDs and GXRs win our Weekly Challenges. Please consider entering and keeping the little Ricoh top of the ranks. :thumbsup:


Sep 12, 2011
Dublin ,Ireland
Hi Erden and welcome, I have to say I never thought about using a ricoh until I joined this forum , now I have one I use it as my pocketable camera and bring it with me everywhere and Im having great fun with it !


Sep 30, 2011
Vancouver, BC
Witamy, Erden.

I look forward to seeing photographs of your area. I don't speak Polish but have learned a few words as my mother's family is from Poland; her father settled down in the tobacco growing region of Ontario almost seventy years ago. She does speak the language and has been back to Poland a few times. While she is no photographer the images she brought back make me want to visit and learn a few more words too!

Like in Polska, Canada has no Ricoh representation either and users are few and far between but we find each other eventually. The internet continues to amaze me in how it brings people together.


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Dec 10, 2011
Lublin, Poland
Thank you!

Guys - thank you all for so warm welcome!
It was a great idea to join such an encouraging community.

Your comments, reviews thoughts and creations, you share with others here build a great value that makes this forum so different.

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Dec 10, 2011
Lublin, Poland
Dzięki adanac!

It's always nice to meet someone with Polish roots :)
As for pictures - I will surely provide them as soon as I get my Ricoh. BTW it is pretty strange that you don't have Ricoh representation in Canada.
In fact, official Ricoh distributor exists in Poland but market demand is marginal and the company is mostly famous for its copy machines...

My best regards to your mom and you're the most welcome here


Oct 20, 2010
Dobre dan Erden.......

My son Philipp studied in Cracow at the Academy of Fine Arts and had a great time with good beer and food beside his artwork.......My wife and I visited him two times, one just in between by plane and the last one by car to pick him up with his and his friends stuff.
We had a great time over there and photography was really good. Just by chance I dropped into a store with a huge assortment of cams, including Rioch's GRDIII.

Three weeks ago here in Germany I met just by chance the Polish importer for Ricoh. This gentleman gave me his card - I will search it and provide here the adress and name for you.......

All the best for the Holidays!

Here some impressions:

Colours of Cracow - a set on Flickr


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Dec 10, 2011
Lublin, Poland
Hello Silverbullet,

All the best in New Year!

Excuse my delay - I was on short vacations. It's nice to know your son studied in Cracow - it's unique and beautiful place. And Fine Arts Academy is famous for its quality.

Thank you for your help with distributor coordinates. I managed to find a distributor - its office is located in Gdansk, isn't it? In the meantime I made my decision and finally went for GRDIII. I got it from one of Internet resellers. Now I am playing with new camera and try to get best of it.



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