Hello from San Diego, California

Just purchased a Fuji x10. I am downsizing from a Nikon D70. While that camera has served me well, I am tired of carrying all of the equipment. I am still learning the x10, but I am getting the results that I hoped for. Looking forward to sharing information and learning from all of you.


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G'day from the East Coast of Australia. You're in good company here with the Fuji X10 - many a folk are armed with one....and many with it's bigger X100 brethren.

Enjoy the forum and hope to bump into you more often, or otherwise just spy the outputs of your 'lil Fuji.


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Howdy from New York, dbarnett! I'm so glad you found your way here with your Fuji X10, just in time for the holidays.:biggrin:

There are quite a few X10 shooters here and we have some helpful posts and threads in the Fuji Fixed Lens Forum. From the looks of your photographs over there, you seem to know exactly what you're doing with your new camera.:2thumbs:
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