Hello from Seattle Washington! Home of, er...well.... Seattle Washington!


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Seattle, Washington USA
Bruce J. Pritchard
Great to see so many members from mu-43 here! I felt badly as I jumped to a NEX-5 from my Olympus E-P1 and I received a birthday greeting and everything, just didn't know how to tell you that I'm seeing other cameras. The sad part is that I took pics of the NEX-5 and 28-70 Nikkor lens with my E-P1 to share with friends...(little did the Oly know) Truth be told, I'm actually shooting the E-P1 as much now even though I have the Sony.
Here's the really really sad part...I just ordered an X100. NOW how am I gonna break it to the other two little cameras. (sigh)


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Houston, Texas

Welcome to the forum! Don't feel bad. I have no loyalty whatsoever to the cameras (although I have tried). I see myself as a Solomon with a harem full of concubines that I pick and choose from without regards to the feeling of the others.

Ok, but in real (non gear related) life I only have one significant other! And I do care about her feelings! :rolleyes:



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Hi Bruce

I am not a doctor but there's no doubt you have been infected with GAS. Not sure if there is a cure for GAS but don't fear, you are not alone. This site is rife with GAS, some say it even thrives on it. While some brand specific sites might shun you for being infected, this site embraces you into its fold. You have entered a den of enablers who keep the GAS flowing.

All hail the GAS! :hail: