Hello from SoCal


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I was impressed with some current m4/3 lens reviews I read from here so I immediately joined this forum. Hope to learn and share. I am a Canon shooter with various lenses from long prime teles to wide angles, still lugging the heavy gears but do appreciate the light/compact, high portability but sleek of small gears all they offer. Currently using a G2 then GH2.

So hello to all from So calif.

My most regards to all.



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Tung, thanks so much for starting right off with your intro and for letting us all know how and why you found yourself here!

Sometimes I feel as though we should have an ongoing poll as to why people have chosen both micro four thirds cameras, as well as other serious compacts...because there are a bunch of us who don't like to carry the heavy gear anymore.

Very glad to have you here, Tung, and I look forward to seeing some of your photographs and to your involvement across the forums.:D