Hello from Southampton UK


Hi !
My name is Richard and I'm from Southampton.
Before the digital age I kept Contax SLR / Zeiss lenses.
In recent years I've been using a Kodak P880 bridge and a Canon S60 powershot as a back up compact.
Both very nice camera's, but a few weeks ago I bought a 10 month old Samsung EX1 on ebay on impulse mainly due
to the fast 1.8 wide angle lens.
So far Iv'e been very impressed with the EX1, and low light shooting is sensational.
My 6 year old Canon had rave reports regarding it's macro capabilities and the EX1 has luke warm macro reviews - so I put them to
a very unscientific test :wink:
In my model cabinet I keep a 1/18th scale model of Graham Hills Lotus 49 ( sad I know :biggrin:)
I set both camera's on macro and took the best hand held shots I could manage using the cabinet lighting. The white helmet marks are dust :redface:

This is the Canon S60 shot at 1/2 second at F2.8 ( widest aperture )

View attachment 50283

Here's the EX1 shot at 1/ 15th second at F1.8 ( widest aperture )

View attachment 50284

For a hand held jpeg taken at night straight out of the camera, without sharpening in the photoshop I reckon the EX1 macro is pretty acceptable .
Getting close to 10.45 pm so must go and search some low light werewolf snaps.
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Hi and welcome to the madhouse! I know Southampton quite well as i have family there and my wife went to uni there also. Great place to own a camera.

Those images above are like night and day!! The samsung has done a pretty god job there! It's not sad owning scale cars, I have a Ford GT 40 and 2 AC Cobras!


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Welcome aboard from New York, Richard - and thanks so much for your intro as well as your "unscientific" but very handy test! And congrats on that EX1!:drinks:

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