Hello from Sweden!

My name is Tord S Eriksson, and I am soon 60, and have worked in media and logistics most of my life - just now I'm a bus driver, but I've been editor-in-chief, junior AD, technical illustrator, editor, firefighter, security guard, Arts teacher, et cetera.

My hobbies concern things that fly (aircraft, model airplanes, birds) and float (folding kayaks, paddling, rowing, sailing, & model boats), editing, writing, reading, illustrating & photography. I like a good wine, and cooking. Not very orderly, more the creative type, like computers, but a real dummy at programming!

While my wife got a Micro4/3rd system, while I have two slightly bigger cameras (Pentax K-x & K-7), and three smaller. I am very endeared by her E-PL1, and all its tiny lenses. So maybe soon ...

Been photographing since a was a young kid (first came a Kodak Brownie Starlet), got my first SLR kit when I was 16 (an Edixa Reflex, a M42 system made in West-Germany, with lots of lenses and other stuff, when my sister's boyfriend upgraded to Hasselblad), and after a while I had two bodies (the second was a Mamiya), five lenses, and a lot of other gear, but the weight was BIG problem.

Eventually, I switched to ultra-compacts - the lovely Minox 35s - which I used daily for many, many years, till I wore them down, then Polaroids & Konica Big Mini compacts. After I married my Ann-Christine I entered the new, thrilling, then unknown, field of digital compacts!

First came a Konica KD-500 (more or less digital version of Konica's Big Mini), then followed a number of other compacts, from Olympus (the famous C-8080 - still superb with a flash on!), Minolta (a jazzed-up Konica KD-500, lost at sea), Fujifilm (S9000 - recently sold), and a Kodak A580 - my everyday camera.

The wife bought a few of her own, of course: a Olympus 725SW, followed by a Nikon P5100, then, this year, the E-PL1 (full kit) and finally the Sony DSC-TX5 - a high-tech wonder - and the Panasonic Lumix FZ38, as a complement to her E-PL1, as there are, as yet, no long teles for the m4/3s.

My wife's first husband had a photo studio, so she knows her cameras, sand I am a university-trained photographer, even if I haven't worked as such, except taking a few photographs in connection to interviews and reportages.
Tord, thank you so much for your interesting introduction! Perhaps your wife will become a member, too?:D I'm really looking forward to seeing some of your photographs and to your involvement across the forum. Glad to have you here!
I am back!

Hi all,

Been absent from this forum since I joined, bad manners indeed!

Been away (in my free time) photographing birds mainly, along their migrating routes, in bird sactuaries, and at home, from the balcony. The gear has improved a lot, as has my skills, I hope. The Pentaxes has become two more for me (a SFX, and a K-5), and my wife liked my K-5 so much that she now has her own, with a small array of lenses, most better than mine (but I do borrow them!), but got a pair of Sigma zoom teles that come handy when it comes to bird photography. The latest addition to our stable are two NEX-5N, which in my book is at least equal to the amazing K-5, if not in durability and water resistance!

I'll mainly use my 5N for video with stabilised Sony lenses, and photography with 'manual' lenses (Pentax lenses, almost all of them). Colour fidelity with the 5N is impressive, as is the resolution - fired side by side with the same lenses the 5N wins most of the time, if not always!

hope to start uploading some photos here soon - I have a few at FlickR (as Tord55), dpreview (as Tord S Eriksson) and one or two a Birdforum!